So much to say

Greetings from CRA!

The launch of the 2021-2022 school year provides an opportunity to also launch a new communication channel. I plan to write a couple of times each week — more, if time (and time management) allows — and I hope you’ll check in to catch up whenever you can.

We’ve had some changes around CRA over the last few months — more on those in future posts — and the timing seems right for a blog. New CRA Communications Officer Amber Oxley will handle our social media and lots of other outreach, and I’ll use this blog to augment her efforts.

My intent is to share all sorts of information about our school. Whether it’s a recap after a thrilling ballgame, or a recollection of my days as a student (these will mostly be stories of how Joey Becerra broke a rule and somehow got me in trouble for it), or just a side note that might otherwise go unpublished, I hope something here will be helpful and interesting.

So follow along if you will, and I’d be honored if you’d share the address of this blog with other CRA folks (past and present) you know. If you attended CRA in years past, please check in with me and update me on your life. (My contact info is in the biography info on the main page of the blog. Use it!)

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For more information, please contact:

Amber Oxley
Crowley’s Ridge Academy
606 Academy Dr.
Paragould, AR 72450
(870) 280-2557

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Crowley’s Ridge Academy

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