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Crowley’s Ridge Academy is overseen by a Board of Trustees composed of between 5 and 15 members. Members serve six-year terms. The board meets every other month, typically on the third Sunday afternoon of the month. While CRA’s board members strive to be accessible to all friends of the school, when there are issues you wish to bring before the entire board, please follow the Problem Resolution Policy as outlined in the school handbooks (page 8 of Elementary Handbook; page 20 of Secondary Handbook). You may email the board president by clicking below.

Board Membership Criteria

CRA Board members serve six-year terms, beginning on July 1 of year one and ending on June 30 of year six. Typically, two board members’ terms end each year. The list of criteria for CRA Board members is:

  • Prospective board members should be a member of the Church of Christ in good standing.
  • Prospective board members should demonstrate effective leadership in the Church, in the community, and at work.
  • Prospective board members may have family enrolled at or employed by Crowley’s Ridge Academy. Prospective board members must avoid conflicts of interest if the nominee serves on the Board.
  • Prospective board members should demonstrate support of CRA (monetarily and in speaking about CRA). Consideration should be given to the length of the relationship between the nominee and the school.
  • Prospective board members should have gifts, skills, or training that could be helpful to the Academy or the Board in performing its mission.
  • Prospective board members should demonstrate the qualities of a true disciple of Christ. The fruits of being a Christ-follower should be apparent in the life of the nominee. The nominee must demonstrate moral purpose, clarity, conviction, and integrity.
  • Prospective board members must have a history of working well with others. Consider whether the nominee exhibits inter-personal conflict in other areas of his/her life—personal or professional. The nominee should possess the ability to display an attitude of being supportive even when he/she is not in agreement.
  • Prospective board members should demonstrate strategic thinking, as opposed to constituent thinking, in his/her leadership roles
  • Prospective board members should enhance critical thinking and discussion while serving on the Board, and not be subject to “groupthink” and “status quo” resistance.

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