On sportsmanship

Don’t you hate it when someone raises a valid point that, try as you might, you can’t forget or ignore? For me, that happened several years ago with a book I read. The author’s assertion was that there are segments of our lives in which, consciously or subconsciously, we have determined that the way of […]

A day for giving

Today is Giving Tuesday. If you naturally tilt toward old-person grumpiness as I do, it’s easy to slip into the warm lap blanket of cynicism about these last few days. The contrived series of post-Thanksgiving “events” is really designed to shape consumer behavior. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday… the only thing that could […]

Just a can of beans

Our student council is sponsoring a canned food collection drive this week. This is an annual effort led by Mr. Eric Hagood, our assistant principal, and various clubs have taken ownership of it in years past. Like a great many other things, I’m too guilty of letting this effort slip my mind during my at-home […]

After all those years

CRA’s Class of 1986 will meet this weekend for a reunion. It’s been 35 years since this class graduated from the Academy, and that’s difficult for me to process for any number of reasons. I was an eighth grader when these guys and girls were seniors. I remember them as older enough so as to […]

A sub teacher’s perspective

Jill Evans is a dear friend of CRA and a personal friend of mine as well. Jill, her husband Tony, and their daughter Elisabeth are quick to serve our school in a great number of ways. One of the most prominent is through Jill’s leadership of our “Moms in Prayer” group, which meets each week […]

Man on the run

“I’m supposed to be on that bus!”

This is not the sentence one wants to hear when the bus in question is easing out of the parking lot. It was, however, exactly what a desperate freshman shouted on Tuesday as he burst out of the lobby doors by the auditorium…


Happy anniversary!

Sixty-eight years ago today — September 21, 1953 — students walked through the doors of Crowley’s Ridge Academy for the first day of classes. That morning represented the culmination of years of dreaming, planning, fundraising and construction by the visionary men and women1 who put this place on the map.

We all hate masks

As our students and their families are acutely aware, our Board of Trustees will meet on Sunday. At the fore of everyone’s agenda is whether our mask mandate will be extended, altered, or allowed to expire. This has been a topic of conversation and consternation for lots of folks. We have, sadly, lost students and […]

A sky full of stars

From One ‘Ed’ To Another.CRA sixth grader Edmund Botchway (2nd from left) received the Eddie Murray Ambassador for Christ Scholarship today. It was presented by Sherry (Pendergrass, ’75) Murray and Ryan Murray, who are pictured to Edmund’s left. Trista Botchway, Edmund’s mother, stands to his right. There are a million great stories flying through the […]

Pull up a chair

On Tuesday of this week, an 18-wheeler arrived on campus, loaded with several hundred boxes of auditorium chair parts. A crew of three men arrived at the same time and spent their day unloading it all. For the rest of the week, they put in 10- and 11-hour workdays installing those chairs. When I left […]