We all hate masks

As our students and their families are acutely aware, our Board of Trustees will meet on Sunday. At the fore of everyone’s agenda is whether our mask mandate will be extended, altered, or allowed to expire. This has been a topic of conversation and consternation for lots of folks. We have, sadly, lost students and […]

A sky full of stars

From One ‘Ed’ To Another.CRA sixth grader Edmund Botchway (2nd from left) received the Eddie Murray Ambassador for Christ Scholarship today. It was presented by Sherry (Pendergrass, ’75) Murray and Ryan Murray, who are pictured to Edmund’s left. Trista Botchway, Edmund’s mother, stands to his right. There are a million great stories flying through the […]

Pull up a chair

On Tuesday of this week, an 18-wheeler arrived on campus, loaded with several hundred boxes of auditorium chair parts. A crew of three men arrived at the same time and spent their day unloading it all. For the rest of the week, they put in 10- and 11-hour workdays installing those chairs. When I left […]

Election Day

Our high school students elected their student council officers today. At the time of this writing, the winners have not been announced, but I anticipate several days of recounts and protests. That’s how we do things these days. When I was a student at CRA, student council elections were held in the spring of the […]

So much to say

Greetings from CRA! The launch of the 2021-2022 school year provides an opportunity to also launch a new communication channel. I plan to write a couple of times each week — more, if time (and time management) allows — and I hope you’ll check in to catch up whenever you can. We’ve had some changes […]