Campus Traffic Plan

CRA’s goal with our afternoon campus traffic plans is to speed up the process and keep city roads relatively clear of our school traffic. We do ask that if you cannot turn onto one of our campus entry roads, please do not block traffic on Walcott Road while you wait to turn in. That is a dangerous road, and we want to keep it clear for the safety of our student families and others.

A few other general notes about campus traffic:

    • ALWAYS watch for pedestrians. Stay alert, no matter where you are on campus. We have people walking to and from vehicles, students walking home from school, etc. Whether you’re in the parking lot or driving around back, keep your eyes open and your foot off the accelerator. 
    • State law prohibits the use of a cell phone by a driver on a school campus. If you are behind the wheel, you should not be using your phone in any way.
    • Two of the main roads leading to campus are city streets: Academy Drive and Falcon Drive. (School Drive is owned and maintained by CRA.) Please avoid blocking residential driveways that connect to these roads. Also, please note that every entry road on campus is a two-way street.
    • You should have received a laminated sign with your student’s name on it. This should be prominently displayed in your front windshield in the pickup line. We recommend that you attach it to the passenger sun visor using bulldog clips, so that when you flip the visor down, the sign is visible from the outside at the top of your windshield. If you lay the sign flat on your dashboard, we cannot read it. (Also, if your vehicle’s window tint is so dark that we can’t read your sign, we reserve the right to send 7 or 8 extra kids home with you. Enjoy!)
    • We are grateful for your patience in our car lines, and for your words of encouragement to us as you drive past. We also are encouraged by the kindnesses you have shown to other parents in the lines. Thank you for making this more bearable for everyone.


The campus traffic plan breaks down our vehicles into specific groups. These are:

    • PALS Parents. Parents picking up their children from PALS preschool will add a line of cars to the afternoon traffic mix. If you are a PALS parent, we recommend that you avoid picking up your child between 2:45 and 3:45 pm. However, if you need to pick up your child during that window of time, please follow the traffic guidance for PALS parents. This is marked with GREEN cars and arrows.
    • Park & Walk-Up Parents. While parents cannot enter our building to pick up students this year, we will allow you to park in the spaces north of our auditorium (between the auditorium and the flagpole), and walk up the sidewalk to pick up your student. Please bring your provided car sign with your child’s name on it so we can read it and quickly page your student to the exit. Also, please wear a mask and practice social distancing rules on the sidewalk. On the map, Park/Walk-Up routes are in BLUE.
    • K-4th Grade Student Parents.  If you are picking up ONLY students in grades Kindergarten through 4th grade, please follow the guidelines in YELLOW to pick up your students.
    • 5th-12th Grade (and Younger Siblings) Parents. Students in Grades 5-12, as well as their younger siblings in K-3, should be picked up according to the guidelines in MAROON.
    • Student Drivers (and Siblings). Students who drive to school, as well as their siblings who ride with them, will follow the directions outlined in ORANGE.


Here are the plans for each group, corresponding to the traffic map:

If you are picking up a PALS student during our afternoon car line times, you will need to enter campus on Academy Drive. You will cross the lot in front of the Emmett Smith Auditorium and merge with another line of traffic on the corner of the elementary side. You can then pull into one of the angled parking spaces closest to PALS. If you have a CRA student to pick up as well, please report first to Mr. Freer and let him know which student(s) you need. You can then go to PALS and pick up your preschooler, and Mr. Freer will get your elementary student ready for you to pick up. You will exit by driving beside the PALS building and then straight out of School Drive onto Walcott Road.

Enter campus on Academy Drive. You will be directed to cross the lot in front of the Emmett Smith Auditorium and then pull into one of the parking spaces between the auditorium and the flagpole (in our front lawn). Please pull all the way through so that your vehicle faces north (pointed away from the school building). Bring your student’s name sign and walk up the sidewalk to the entrance, but DO NOT attempt to enter the building. We will page your student(s) and have them brought out to you. When you leave, you will exit on Academy Drive onto Walcott Road.

Please enter campus on School Drive. If you are the first car to arrive, you may continue up School Drive, into our parking lot. Turn right after the second row of parking spaces, then turn left beside the Emmett Smith Auditorium on the elementary (east) side. The first car in line should park under the canopy, and others line up behind.

Most of our afternoon traffic is for elementary pick-up. To reduce the lines on the elementary side, we are moving the pick-up for students in grades 5-6 to the high school side. If your 5th or 6th grader has a sibling in grades K-4, we will send those younger siblings to the high school side as well. If you are in this group, please plan to enter campus on Falcon Drive. (This road comes up the west side of campus, beside our baseball field.) If you discover this road is backed up, you may use Academy Drive as a secondary option. We will merge the two lanes (Falcon Drive and Academy Drive) at the corner of our parking lot near the computer lab, and you will exit campus on Academy Drive to Walcott Road.

Student drivers park in the northwest area of our parking lot, between our auditorium and Academy Drive. These students are dismissed after the buses leave campus, and will use Academy Drive to exit campus.

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